National Television Awards 2015

Awards season has rolled around again! Here at Find That Location, we’re glad to see so many great British dramas onscreen, making use of lots of local talent and boosting the industry for future productions.

The great thing about the National Television Awards 2015 is that the public gets to vote for the shows that they enjoyed most during the past year, making it different from the other ceremonies. But now the crucial final round has arrived, how can we choose from all those great options on the shortlist?

We’ve decided to narrow it down by revisiting our favourite on location moments from the National Television Awards 2015 Drama nominees.



Cilla dramatises the life on one-time rising star Priscilla White to her days performing at the Cavern Club, then on to stardom as the Cilla Black we know and love. Sheridan Smith takes on role of the singer and Surprise, Surprise presenter, sharing the limelight with Cilla’s hometown of Liverpool.

One of the highlights? A glimpse of Liverpool’s 1960s music scene which launched the careers of The Beatles and more. The Cavern Club doesn’t guest star as itself though. The original was demolished then later rebuilt on almost the same spot, but a stand-in was recreated specially for filming while other city venues stand in for London and New York clubs.

Doctor Who

We don’t know about you, but here at Find That Location we think Peter Capaldi’s doing a great job as the Doctor. Season 8 took him and Clara on a wild ride as they went inside a Dalek, talked to the undead, and met a mummy on the Orient Express.

You know us, though. As much as we love the awesome Doctor Who set design, we’re all about filming locations, and this season saw some brilliant moments take place out-and-about.

A trip to Banksy’s home town of Bristol probably won’t lead you to any living graffiti, but you can see the places where Clara and her cookie-jar sized TARDIS found something sinister hiding in the walls. The season’s crowning glory, though? The finale’s showdown on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Downton Abbey

In the NTA-nominated fifth season, you’ll have seen the Crawleys and their household spending some time in London. Filming is actually split between two locations, with the exterior situated on a real London square and the interior courtesy of the elegant Basildon Park.

Sadly the arrival of the aristocratic Russian contingent didn’t bring us any eastern European locations, but as always, we can count on Julian Fellowes to take us to more of Britain’s finest homes and castles. Our favourite on location moment actually came from the Christmas special, when Hogwarts stand-in Alnwick Castle made a guest appearance.


In a trilogy of The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three and His Last Vow, we followed the lead up to and fallout from the big wedding, interspersed with the unusual sight of a drunk duo and a good helping of those all-important murder mysteries.

Meanwhile, Sherlock filming locations took us on a trail across London before leaving the Capital for Gloucestershire. Our favourite, if a bit unsettling, scene, though, was John and Sherlock’s attempts at bomb disposal on the carriage of a London Tube train. We’re always fascinated by hidden areas of the city, and can’t resist another glimpse of filmmakers’ favourite Aldwych station.